Friday, July 31, 2009

If you're an integral conservative, then I must be on the wrong side.

The O'Reilly Factor. Another opinionated news medium which not only approaches topics with the single minded method: "We're right, so you must be wrong," but it appears to also discredit what a lot of society's members consider to be a worthy political stance -- a conservative republican in the United States; which by today's popular opinion among the liberal left, Republicans may as well be members of the Klu Klux Klan.

First, let me give all the kudos I choose to give to this program in a single statement. I enjoy how The O'Reilly Factor covers issues that seem to me to be news worthy and actually matter at the end of the day; even though they did cover the death of Michael Jackson, which I felt should have been limited to a quick notification of the facts and then tossed aside to make room for the next subject, they didn't drown me in their coverage with repeated and rhetorical sentiments full of utter nonsense, especially concerning "who gets what" in the will and so forth. Aside from this, The O'Pinion Factor not only keeps my temptations high as far as changing the channel so I can view facts, figures and statistics somewhere where they actually stick to the news, it also makes me realize that yet again poor representation destroys the represented.

America, is O'Reilly how you actually view the rest of us conservative thinkers? You may as well judge all books by their cover's if that is the case. I say this now and only for myself, although I'm sure many would agree, Bill O'Reilly not only does not speak for me, he hasn't the first clue as to where I stand in my politics. He reminds me of the type of person that will vote straight-ticket on election day, blindly; Whereas I myself, have always felt that you vote for the person and their politics, not the party they represent.

For starters, how does such a character have the audacity to consider himself a self-respecting journalist, when the majority of his broadcasts consist of finger-pointing, name calling and turning a blind eye to a lot of truths he leaves ignored when threatened with being discredited, or wrong; big deal, being wrong can happen and will happen to the best of us. Of course, that's the funny thing about sticking to the facts, they're facts, how could you be false if facts are what you adhered to with proper integrity standards for your work?

I flipped on the television this morning around 4:30 am, EST, give or take an hour or so, I wasn't totally focused on the time, and I watched this man debate with a professor from Columbia University (I cannot remember his name) concerning Bill Maher's statement on America being a "dumb country." Unfortunately I cannot quote anything that was said verbatim, so anything I write in the previous and following blog entries will be paraphrased. The whole argument boiled down to the education level of the average American citizen within a certain age group, and demographic I'm sure. Both sides of this debate did not deviate from the view point that education and intelligence are one in the same entity. It was killing me to watch this. People, I cannot express this enough,...intelligence and education are two totally different things; they're not even apples and oranges, they're apples and car tires. I've met some highly educated idiots in my time who couldn't tie their own shoes until they read a "how to" book, asked around and then gave it three trial runs, and by that same token I have also ran into quite a few individuals who didn't so much as have a high school diploma yet were utterly brilliant when they committed their minds to a task. An education is worthless if you don't have the intelligence to use it, it's a tool and nothing more. This whole debate came about by having something to do with Sarah Palin's education level, her being a graduate of Idaho State U and still having a 54% approval rating upon her resignation. They compared her to a political figure in Massachusetts who was a Harvard grad with only a 30+% approval rating.

The words "dumb, stupid and moron" are first of all, hardly mature when it comes to respective journalism, but secondly, are also extremely opinionated when used on such a broad a scale as to describe the United States and its people; in fact, to say otherwise would be acting "stupidly" (Way to go, Obama). So thank you Bill Maher and Bill O'Reilly for broadcasting your prick-waving contest on television. You two are more alike than what you would like to believe, at least, in my opinion. If you combined their DNA's and cloned a human with the result, you would either get a perfect example of what staying in the intelligent middle really means, or you may just wind up with the world's worst facade on political opinion to this day (except maybe Hitler's).

Bill O'Reilly, after researching for other people's opinion on your show, one of the mainstays I ran across is that you are considered a loud-mouthed bigot, well, as far as the bigotry and rudeness, that is to be expected from most anyone, although it hardly excuses it; but one thing I did notice, is that you have a strong tendency to interupt people when they are having a discussion with you, especially when they are on the verge of making a point in the contrary to what you might be saying yourself. I consider this to be a massive weakness in a human being, not allowing someone else their voice, and you do this quite well. That's one of the fundamental rights of all American citizens, freedom of speech and although you do not physically deny someone this right, it seems that over the years you have figured out your own method to your madness when it comes to making someone else look like a fool by simply not letting them speak. In my opinion, you are a very weak-willed man, and again, you do not speak for me nor do you represent my views in any way, shape or form. If you have a strong enough viewpoint on a topic, then present it, but allow your opponents to do the same, otherwise your true colors will show brighter and brighter by the day, and I do not think you want your's to be seen.


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